Five Acre Field is a contemporary folk/rock/classical music ensemble based in Melbourne, Australia.

Five Acre Field's first intense year of writing and rehearsals culminated in the recording of their debut EP: 'Five Songs' (2013). The project's musical direction is influenced by the delicacy and intimacy of late 60's 'folk baroque', the breadth and scope of early progressive rock and the forms and compositional techniques of classical and 'third stream' repertoire. The five recorded works showcase the intricate arrangements and attention to detail shown by composer Matthew Gough, and are realised by himself and his band of classically trained musicians in a contemporary rock ensemble.

Currently the band are in rehearsal, continuing to add new works to their set and working towards upcoming performances and the production of a full album.

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Five Acre Field is a Five Acre Field is a contemporary folk/baroque pop/classical music ensemble based in Melbourne Australia

(left to right) Peij Tan - Keyboard/Samples, Alex Khouri - Bass Guitar,
Matthew Gough - Guitar/Vocals, Chris Cameron - Drums/Percussion